Controlling Success

We have all heard the saying “focus on what you can control”. Well this is a whole lot easier said than done however there seems to be some real value in learning to do so. Focusing on results is what comes most naturally for us but unfortunately results are not something we can fully control....More >


The St Louis Cardinals asked me to develop a mental training program to use with long term injury athletes. The goal was to try and utilize principles of sport psychology to decrease injury rehab duration for pitchers returning from surgery. I felt comfortable doing this as I have in the past successfully used the 10-Minute...More >

Parent Scorecard

I recently did a presentation where the main topic was “sports parenting.” Many parents find it helpful to gain some perspective on how others view their parenting. To gain some perspective try this exercise: Have the athlete and parent answer the following 5 questions and then compare answers. Answer the following questions to assess how...More >

The Business of Being Recruited

After having a great Junior year, a high school athlete I know is thrilled by the fact that he is being recruited by Michigan, Illinois and Oklahoma to name just a few. Although quite a few Universities are interested in this young man, none of them have offered him any scholarship money as of yet....More >

Is Mental Toughness really that important?

Most coaches and athletes these days do a terrific job with the physical preparation however when it comes to mental preparation most coaches and athletes are just not sure where to begin. Not to mention, there a great number of coaches and athletes out there who still aren’t sure how important mental preparation really is....More >

What is Mental Toughness?

What really is mental toughness? This is a great question and one that I will answer in today’s blog. Mental toughness is the ability to have the thoughts in your head help produce your desired results. The key to mental toughness is to have the thoughts in your head be productive. The hard part is...More >

The GM’s suite

Back in April of 2006 I was on my way down to Cardinals stadium for what was about to be my first time sitting in the GM’s box for a game. As I drove down to the stadium I eagerly anticipated sitting the box for what I thought would be a very relaxing and enjoyable...More >

Act As If

There is a high school baseball player I worked with who was having a very good season personally (hitting .385 with an on base percentage over .450), yet playing for a losing team. He told me that his confidence was starting to drop because of all the losing his team is experiencing. He said that...More >

Cal Ripken Jr. and the PGA

I have had the good fortune of meeting and talking with Cal Ripken Jr. I was impressed, not just because of his accomplishments on the baseball field, but also with how personable he was.  The 19-time All-Star went out of his way to shake my 6-year-old son’s hand and to give him a much appreciated...More >

Using the Pain

When I see that my athletes are playing at the top of their game, it gets my day off to a great start; however, when I see my players struggling, I feel their pain. When I see a player really struggling, I tend be upset for hours or even days at a time. I have...More >