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Executive Toughness

The Mental-Training Program to Increase Your Leadership Performance

Executive Toughness is the step-by-step plan that will guarantee to develop mental toughness and produce results in business and in life.

People with inborn talent may be good at what they do—but only the mentally tough reach the highest plateaus in their field. Here is the best news of all: mental toughness is something anyone can learn.

Executive Toughness outlines the three fundamentals for attaining high-level success:

• ACCOUNTABILITY—Admit to mistakes, correct them, and, most importantly, learn from them
• FOCUS—On your strengths, on winning, on reaching your goal . . . for only 100 seconds per day
• OPTIMISM—Don’t just believe you can succeed, know you can succeed

Executive Toughness takes you through the steps of making these critical behaviors part of your everyday routine. Practice your accountability, focus, and optimism, and you’ll be on the path to attaining your goals. Make them part of your mental “DNA,” and there will be no turning back—ever.

Executive Toughness is your workout for ultimate success in your career and in your life.

One of the Best Career Development Books of All Time —Book Authority

Combining lessons from my books and the closest personal coaching service without meeting me live, Level Up is my performance coaching mobile app. Using Level Up you will learn via bit sized videos of lessons from Executive Toughness and my other bestsellers followed by implementation and execution via app-based practice and training to build accountability, discipline and most importantly, habit. Then your training data is analyzed to provide regular evaluations and recommendation from me to drive better and better performance.

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