Meet Dr. Ellen Reed

Dr. Reed has extensive experience in mental training for consistency, accountability, and execution in business, athletics, academics, and the performing arts, having worked side by side with Dr. Jason Selk for over 10 years. Dr. Reed helps numerous business teams and leaders, athletes, and students reach their peak performance through developing the mental toughness necessary for success.

Dr. Reed’s book Relentless Solution Focus, written with Dr. Selk, was released in January 2021, and it has since hit the best-seller list several times. Dr. Reed and Dr. Selk have also co-founded Level Up — a performance coaching mobile app that combines video lessons by Dr. Reed and Dr. Selk plus practice and implementation in the app to drive ultimate accountability, discipline and habit for long-term success. Dr. Reed utilizes her in-depth knowledge and experience to help people overcome obstacles and outperform the competition. Dr. Reed also has substantial teaching experience in the University setting, and her background in both academia and the performing arts allows her to apply mental training techniques to success in business, academics, and athletics.

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What the Clients Say

“I have been working with Dr. Ellen Reed for two years.  The RSF program provides a blueprint for personal growth – and an opportunity to push each day to maximum productivity.  The concept is brought to life with personal coaching that is based on agreed upon strategy and execution plans.  Dr. Reed provides a steady, informed and personal approach to the process.  Ultimately, success is what happens outside of the room – but I found each session to be a useful and informative build.”

CEO St. Louis Advertising Agency

“The single greatest factor contributing to my success has been working with Dr. Reed. Early in my career, she gave me the tools to fight through the fear of failure and to achieve in ways I would have otherwise thought unavailable. Now that I have reached higher levels in my career, she has given me the tools to discover the opportunities no one else can see.”

Director at Edward Jones

“Ellen helped my mental game become efficient and effective in realizing my full athletic potential. When everything is on the line, it takes a powerful and committed mind to execute the plan flawlessly. Ellen helped me to simplify and amplify my mental game so I became the most efficient, confident, resilient version of myself!  And when the clock was running out, and stress was high, I was able to execute flawlessly!”

Vera Schmitz, Elite Pole Vaulter and Olympic Trials Finalist

“As a student-athlete, I am constantly being called upon to perform at the highest level, both in the classroom and on the track. My sophomore year, I was so overwhelmed and stressed with homework, tests, practices, and races that I physically could not perform. My confidence was low; my grades were suffering and the results of my cross country races did not reflect the work I was putting in. It was at this low point in my life that I sought the help of Dr. Reed. She helped me look at the big picture and re-prioritize my life. She enabled me to reach my full potential by showing me that success lies in the day-to-day process, not necessarily in the end result, and gave me the tools I needed to develop true mental toughness. After just a few visits with Dr. Reed, I was a happier, more fulfilled person, and I started seeing incredibly positive results of my hard work. I don’t know where I would be today without Dr. Reed – there’s no question that she changed my life!”

Brody Roush, Elite College Athlete

“It is clear that your methods for the mental workout are very effective.  It has clearly given my daughter tremendous confidence. She is genuinely excited on the drive to your office. In addition, speaking with you is clearing her mind and relieving stress because she feels comfortable and engaged with you about this difficult subject to express with us or others. It is clear that parents, grandparents, coaches, etc. cannot provide what you are providing for her.  Thanks, again.”

Parent of a child athlete experiencing a mental block