For Meeting Planners

Choosing a speaker for your event is about more than just finding someone to inspire and motivate your audience. It's about making sure your keynote speaker leaves the audience with a clear message filled with actionable steps that they can take immediately to start seeing results. Dr. Jason Selk will entertain and captivate your audience, but he will also help them master the strategic process and accountability necessary to help them overachieve on their potential. That makes this choice an easy one.

Jason's philosophy is that he knows he will play a small role in his clients' lives, but he takes his role very seriously. He believes it is his responsibility to show up every day fully prepared.. Whether it be with speaking or coaching, there is no excuse for his message to be anything less than compelling, thoughtful, and highly effective.

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What Leaders are Saying

“I was pleasantly surprised at how relevant the information was. I was afraid I was in for a day of sports jock metaphors, but the content was specific, in depth, insightful and industry related. Thanks, and I hope your team works with ours on a more continuous basis.”

, Vice President Regence BlueCross

“The simple and concrete message works. Solution-focused thinking and the +1 concept are of great value to me personally and professionally. I am undoubtedly going to approach things differently in the future”

, Senior Executive Team Member The Harbour Group

Jason’s presentation was amazing!! I had a great time and I learned a lot about myself, and how I need to focus more on PROCESS. Thank you for convincing me to go—I am glad that I did.”

Bush Gess, Financial Advisor / Recruiting Field Director at Northwestern Mutual