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Develop Confidence and Focus to Increase Performance

Jason is regarded as one of the finest motivational speakers whose dynamic approach to performance coaching and mental training has captivated packed audiences internationally. In addition to providing guidance for many of the top coaches and athletes in the sports world, Jason has offered superior business consultation for numerous Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 executives and companies.

Jason’s Keynote Presentations
and Breakout Sessions


Relentless Solution Focus:
The Ultimate Measure of Mental Toughness

Learn to use the tool that allows individuals to overcome all obstacles of achievement. RSF is a concrete and proven method of increasing individual health, happiness and success and by extension produces organizations that are healthier, happier, more successful, and outperform the competition.

Download RSF Materials

Presentation Takeaways

Problem-Centric Thought (PCT) Alert System: Knowledge of how to avoid the “PCT disadvantage.”

RSF Tool-Motivation and ability to replace all negative thinking with solution-focused thought within 60 seconds.

Solution-Focused Meeting Protocol: The simple, yet effective, manner to make all meetings more efficient and productive.


Gable Discipline: Owning the “No Excuse” Mentality

Companies full of passion and motivation produce better results and Gable Discipline inspires individuals to identify and follow through with what is needed to propel organizational triumph. Achieve accountability by using the big three mental toughness fundamentals to unlock hidden potential and drive home results.

Presentation Takeaways

How the Highly Successful Use Goals

Understanding the Paradox of Product Goals

The 3 Steps of Strengthening Accountability


Coaching Clients to Success: Using 2-1-1 to Increase Credibility and Referability

Become a master of strategic communication by learning how to follow a simple and highly-effective method of coaching clients into the "cycle of mental toughness." Individuals will be significantly more effective and in turn more able to increase their business to reach and exceed potential.

Presentation Takeaways

Knowledge mastery of "cycle of mental weakness" and "cycle of mental toughness."

Understanding and execution of 2-1-1 coaching method with current clients and prospects.

Any of Dr. Jason Selk's keynotes and breakout sessions can be customized to meet the needs of your event and your audience.

Jason's Expertise and Guidance Will Help You Discover How To:

  • Create a process that controls the scoreboard and your success
  • Master the three phases of habit formation
  • Take your game to the next level by learning to control the controllables and let go of things out of your control
  • Retrain your mind for supreme confidence and focus with a mental workout and success logs
  • Replace perfection with a performance mentality
  • Replace the "set goals high and hope to get close" mentality with the knowledge and ability to set and consistently hit goals
  • Use process goals in your personal and professional life to ensure balance and happiness

What Leaders are Saying

“Dr. Selk really brings it! The value our company will get from RSF is invaluable. It is the second time we have used him as a speaker, and there is no doubt that Enterprise will be using him again.”

Tom Chelew, Vice President of Fleet Sales for Enterprise Holdings

“Thanks again for the wonderful presentation. My group was profoundly affected by your material. We look forward to the next opportunity.”

Tim Schoen, Vice President of Sports and Entertainment Marketing Anheuser-Busch InBev

“I was pleasantly surprised at how relevant the information was. I was afraid I was in for a day of sports jock metaphors, but the content was specific, in depth, insightful and industry related. Thanks, and I hope your team works with ours on a more continuous basis.”

, Vice President Regence BlueCross