Jason Selk

…[Jason Selk] asked some questions that made me think about things in a way that I never have. There is real value in that.

Joe Buck Hall of Fame Sportscaster

Selk lays it all out there in his brilliant book, Relentless Solution Focus. I am admirer of his work and teachings.

Jim Rome Iconic Sports Radio and Television Host

I have used Jason Selk for five different events, and he delivers every time. And when I say every time, I mean EVERY time. In one occasion, we used him for a presentation with our employees’ spouses. They enjoyed it so much that they did not want their session to end.

Jennifer Rappenecker General Partner, Edward Jones

The decision to work with Dr. Selk is among the most important and impactful I’ve ever made. In just over a year I’ve increased my income over 5x, have lost half my body-fat (literally half), and wake up each day with a focus, optimism, and drive that I hadn’t experienced since I was a young, hungry 21-year-old. There are a lot of resources out there. Many are quite good. But if I could tell my younger self to only listen to one success strategist – it would be Dr. Selk, no questions asked.

David Roller Partner at Galileo Ventures

We booked Jason for multiple conferences. He was always our top rated speaker in the survey results. He provides a very motivational and insightful message with tangible takeaways for the audience.

Christine Nathan, CMP Global Events Manager, Fiserv

Selk teaches you to develop the mental toughness needed to thrive on adversity.

Bobby Gassoff Lieutenant Commander, Navy Seal

I’ve seen Jason Selk speak a number of times. He is always a high rated, if not the highest rated speaker, at those events. In addition to his fascinating stories and examples, which made for an entertaining speech, his message was exactly what our audience needed to hear. It’s been more than two years, and people are still talking about his powerful RSF (Relentless Solution Focus) concept.

Shep Hyken Former President of National Speakers Association and Best-Selling Author

Jason’s presentation was amazing!! I had a great time and I learned a lot about myself, and how I need to focus more on PROCESS. Thank you for convincing me to go—I am glad that I did.”

Bush Gess Financial Advisor / Recruiting Field Director at Northwestern Mutual

“I am proud to say that I was able to finally achieve my long-range commission goal of $1.5M at the end of March. I did so by finishing strong, bringing in approximately $9M Jan-April and I have had 3 Best Months Ever with another coming in April! You have helped me bring out my best efforts in reaching goals and helping me understand that I just don’t know the limit to my capabilities.”

Erica Sarrazolla Financial Advisor

“It was fabulous, I wish that I would have done this sooner. This is going to be tough, but I am committed to mastering it and allowing it help drive my days and weeks and months… “

Pat Pittman Financial Advisor

“Best I’ve ever been to…. Including Bobby Knight and Tom Izzo. Scheduled 17 appts in 2 days. 3 with “Elephants.” I’m 25 ahead for the first time in a long….. time.”

Jason Mays Financial Advisor

“Life changing. Jason is the correct prescription for what ailed me. I look forward to another great year of positive metamorphosis. Thanks for the continual encouragement and support. On to awesomeness!”

Sean Sinnott Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

“After participating in this program, the average premium increase in the 12 individuals who participated over the course of a year was 42%.

Dan Rivers Managing Partner, Northwestern Mutual

“I’ve been doing mental toughness from your book for a year now, and I’ve achieved many big goals of mine from doing so! Including being World female kata champion in karate last weekend! So Thank YOU!!! You are awesome!!!”

Kirsty Brierley 2011 Kata Karate World Champion

“I have worked with a number of business coaches in the past and none have pushed me or my staff as hard. You do an outstanding job of developing clear and concise strategies for growth and making sure the results follow. We would not have reached this level without your help.”

Senior Vice President of Wealth Management for Morgan Stanley

“The simple and concrete message works. Solution-focused thinking and the +1 concept are of great value to me personally and professionally. I am undoubtedly going to approach things differently in the future”

Senior Executive Team Member The Harbour Group

“I was pleasantly surprised at how relevant the information was. I was afraid I was in for a day of sports jock metaphors, but the content was specific, in depth, insightful and industry related. Thanks, and I hope your team works with ours on a more continuous basis.”

Vice President Regence BlueCross

“Whether your “game” is an actual sport, college exam, business negotiation, writing project… (anything), Jason helps you break a goal down from ‘product’ to ‘process’ and turn that goal into reality by creating a 10-minute daily “mental workout” for its achievement. Bottom line: If you want to improve your performance in sports or any endeavor, 10-Minute Toughness has your simple yet comprehensive mental formula.”

Scott Abbett Author of HardBody Success

10-Minute Toughness literally changed my life. So many others suggest what your end result should be, but not any help on HOW to actually do it. 10-MT is a step-by-step guide to helping people achieve their goals and to be tough when it matters the most. Without 10-MT I never would have been able to go to the Olympics in 2010 and win a bronze medal. I really suggest 10-MT to anyone (athlete or not) who needs help in putting together a plan to reach his/her goals.”

Shannon Bahrke Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalist

10-Minute Toughness applies to the competitive world of business as much if not more than Major League sports. Applying Jason’s principles have helped tremendously in my own work as well as with all the executives I am coaching. Thanks Dr. Selk. Coach Wooden would be proud!”

Tom Bartow Former Broker and Corporate Trainer, Edward Jones

“Before learning the mental workout, I really didn’t know if I would be healthy enough to be able to compete in the (Olympic) games. Once I started doing the mental workouts everyday, I immediately started having better training sessions, and I knew I was on track.”

Justin Spring Head Men's Gymnastics Coach, University of Illinois and Bronze Medalist in the 2008 Olympic Games

“Jason has spent a tremendous amount of time and energy developing effective mental training programs and coaches’ workshops. He is truly committed to helping individuals and teams to perform at their very best, when it really counts.”

Peter Vidmar Olympic Gold Medalist Internationally acclaimed lecturer and author

“Thanks again for the wonderful presentation. My group was profoundly affected by your material. We look forward to the next opportunity.”

Tim Schoen Vice President of Sports and Entertainment Marketing Anheuser-Busch InBev

10-Minute Toughness is a solid mental-training program. In fact, I feel it is the best of its kind… [It is] what the title says: ten minutes a day that connect your talents and abilities to the outcome you are seeking. As a retired NFL player, I can see as many applications in the business world as on the football field.”

Jeff Wilkins Former NFL Pro Bowl Kicker

“Jason became world renowned for a reason; he is powerful, transformative and riveting. His proven techniques have changed the manner in which I think day-to-day and helped me embrace a new level of focus I didn’t know existed.”

Ben Newman CEO The Continued Fight Author of Fight the Good Fight and Pocket Truths for Success

“Dr. Selk really brings it! The value our company will get from RSF is invaluable. It is the second time we have used him as a speaker, and there is no doubt that Enterprise will be using him again.”

Tom Chelew Vice President of Fleet Sales for Enterprise Holdings

“The mental side of the game is extremely important. 10-Minute Toughness helps players develop the mental toughness needed for success. It really makes a difference.”

Walt Jocketty 2010 “Executive of the Year” for Major League Baseball and General Manager for the Cincinnati Reds

“Dr. Jason Selk is incredibly engaging and his mental toughness fundamentals give you the tools to be successful today and for your entire career.”

John Ertz Managing Partner at Northwestern Mutual

“What first drew me to Jason’s perspective, first as a professional but ultimately as a friend, was that his approach to success empowered his clients not only to succeed in life more often but also to enjoy the success they created.”

Andy Hill Former President, CBS Television

“Regardless of business climate, Jason teaches you to focus on the core strategies that, if executed, will get you results.”

Steve Carani Principal – FA development at Edward Jones

Dr. Ellen Reed

“The single greatest factor contributing to my success has been working with Dr. Reed. Early in my career, she gave me the tools to fight through the fear of failure and to achieve in ways I would have otherwise thought unavailable. Now that I have reached higher levels in my career, she has given me the tools to discover the opportunities no one else can see.”

Director at Edward Jones

“It is clear that your methods for the mental workout are very effective.  It has clearly given my daughter tremendous confidence. She is genuinely excited on the drive to your office. In addition, speaking with you is clearing her mind and relieving stress because she feels comfortable and engaged with you about this difficult subject to express with us or others. It is clear that parents, grandparents, coaches, etc. cannot provide what you are providing for her.  Thanks, again.”

Parent of a child athlete experiencing a mental block

“As a student-athlete, I am constantly being called upon to perform at the highest level, both in the classroom and on the track. My sophomore year, I was so overwhelmed and stressed with homework, tests, practices, and races that I physically could not perform. My confidence was low; my grades were suffering and the results of my cross country races did not reflect the work I was putting in. It was at this low point in my life that I sought the help of Dr. Reed. She helped me look at the big picture and re-prioritize my life. She enabled me to reach my full potential by showing me that success lies in the day-to-day process, not necessarily in the end result, and gave me the tools I needed to develop true mental toughness. After just a few visits with Dr. Reed, I was a happier, more fulfilled person, and I started seeing incredibly positive results of my hard work. I don’t know where I would be today without Dr. Reed – there’s no question that she changed my life!”

Brody Roush, Elite College Athlete

“Ellen helped my mental game become efficient and effective in realizing my full athletic potential. When everything is on the line, it takes a powerful and committed mind to execute the plan flawlessly. Ellen helped me to simplify and amplify my mental game so I became the most efficient, confident, resilient version of myself!  And when the clock was running out, and stress was high, I was able to execute flawlessly!”

Vera Schmitz, Elite Pole Vaulter and Olympic Trials Finalist

“I have been working with Dr. Ellen Reed for two years.  The RSF program provides a blueprint for personal growth – and an opportunity to push each day to maximum productivity.  The concept is brought to life with personal coaching that is based on agreed upon strategy and execution plans.  Dr. Reed provides a steady, informed and personal approach to the process.  Ultimately, success is what happens outside of the room – but I found each session to be a useful and informative build.”

CEO St. Louis Advertising Agency